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Introduction about Flutter
Flutter in the last year of this decade, we have seen many startups emerge from all over the world. With the rise of technology and the availability of smartphones, many startups are finding it easier to connect with employees and customers through apps.
The app market has grown over the past few years and is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade. The app development market is on the rise and has enabled many app developers to showcase their skills and find suitable jobs. With this change in application, many developments and researches have been done to provide the best and to make the application development process faster and easier.
Can be easily classified as:

1. iOS Apps: These apps are designed for Apple devices and wearables. Swift language is used to create iOS apps. iOS apps have the .ipa extension.
2. Android Apps: These apps are designed for Android and Wear devices. Android apps are developed using Java and Kotlin, with the extension of .apk. Many app developers who have to work in a cross-platform environment and are responsible for Android and iOS app development find it difficult and time-consuming to create apps for both platforms. The main issues faced by companies and developers are:

No Cross-Platform Dependency: iOS and Android apps work differently internally, so developers have to adapt and customize the same content for each platform. Time Constraints: Creating a professional application from coding to design takes time.
A company that spends most of its time in the application should be ready to go to market. Developers who work on these two platforms often have problems with deadlines, and the efficiency and quality of work deteriorates.

Many users: companies have encountered this problem. Since they will be developing apps for both platforms, more app developers with knowledge of each platform will be hired.

Development cost: Since the application needs to be designed individually for both platforms, the development cost will increase as more developers will be required.

Why should you study Flutter?

Easy to learn and use

Flutter is a modern platform, and it shows! It’s easy to use to create mobile apps. If you’ve ever used Java, Swift, or React Native, you’ll see how Flutter is different.

Personally, I was not interested in mobile app development until I started using Flutter. What I love about Flutter is that you can build great native apps without a lot of code.

Quick summary: maximum productivity

With Flutter, you can edit your code and see the results immediately. This is called heat transfer. It takes some time after you register to update the app itself. Important changes require you to reload the application. But if you work as a design, for example, and change the size of an element, it’s instant!

Good Documentation

New technologies need to be well documented. But he doesn’t always have it!

You can learn a lot from the Flutter book, but everything is complete with simple examples for the main usage. Whenever I have a problem with one of my widgets and my code, I can check the documentation and the answer is right there.

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