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About Laravel

Laravel is an open source, powerful and easy-to-understand PHP framework. It follows the model-control design principles. Laravel reuses existing components from various frameworks that help in building web applications. Web applications become more organized and useful. Laravel offers a rich framework that includes core functionality from PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Yii, and other programming languages ​​such as Ruby on Rails. Laravel has many rich features that will increase the speed of web development. If you know Core PHP and Advanced PHP, Laravel will make it easy for you. It saves a lot of time if you plan to create a website from scratch. Also, websites built on Laravel are secure and prevent many web attacks.

What is uses of framework ?

It helps in many things mentioned below:

Creating Layouts: This is a great way to get lightweight templates that help the user develop or create layouts. This design includes text, images, coding, etc.
Bcrypt Hash: With Laravel, one can take advantage of object-oriented libraries by default. With the implementation of such libraries, a user can make a Bcrypt hash.
Model view controller: helps to control the activities related to web services in general. With such control, overall performance is improved.
Technical tool: It has a tool that is not useful and works as a tool for the command line. Unit Testing: It supports unit testing in a simple and easy way. This helps in keeping up-to-date with the software.

Features of Laravel

We know that PHP is the oldest programming language used by programmers, and more than 20 million websites have been developed using PHP. PHP is a suitable programming language because it caters to the needs of companies, whether the company is big or small. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks with a very rich feature set.


Authentication is the most important thing in web applications and developers will spend a lot of time writing authentication code. Laravel makes testing easier when Laravel is updated to Laravel 5. Laravel has a built-in testing system, you only need to configure the forms, views and controllers to make the application work.

New template engine

Laravel offers a new template engine that allows developers to create powerful websites. Widgets in Laravel can be used to create dynamic frameworks for applications.

ORM is good

Laravel has a built-in ORM with a simple PHP Active Record implementation. A good ORM allows developers to query database tables using simple PHP syntax without writing SQL code. It allows easy integration between developers and database tables by giving each of their tables a corresponding model.

MVC architecture support

Laravel supports MVC architecture. It provides a faster development process than MVC; one programmer might work on the view while another works on the controls to create the business logic for the web application. It provides many ideas for the model and code duplication is avoided as it separates business logic from presentation logic.

A secure deployment system

The framework of Laravel can extend the database without allowing developers to put a lot of effort every time to make changes, and the Laravel migration process is very safe and foolproof. Throughout the process, php code is used more than SQL code. Laravel comes with a well-defined toolkit that allows developers to write less code, which reduces the chance of errors.

Security is not available

Application security is one of the most important factors in web application development. When developing an application, the programmer must take a good approach to secure the application. Laravel is built in web application security, that is, it takes care of the security of the application itself. It uses the “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” to create a salted password, which means that the password is stored as an encrypted password in the database, not as clear text.

The school is modular

Laravel is very popular because some additional libraries are added to the pre-installed libraries in this framework, these pre-installed libraries are not added to other php configurations. One of the most popular libraries is the authentication library with useful features such as password generation, active user monitoring, Bcrypt hashing, and CSRF protection. The system is divided into several modules that follow the php standards that allow developers to create responsive and modular applications.

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