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Introduction of Rest Api in Node js

A REST API is an application programming interface that follows the constraints of the REST architecture and enables interaction with RESTful web services. An interconnected network that makes up the Web. Web services are an open set of standards and protocols used to exchange data between client and server applications. Web services that follow the REST architecture are called RESTful.

Concept of API

API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of rules, functions or principles that act as a person to allow two applications to communicate. It is common to see the location of the delivery person when ordering food through food delivery apps like Zomato. The Google Maps API allows you to do this. Let’s understand the API by comparison with the hotel. Every time you go to a restaurant, your waiter helps you order your food. After receiving your order, the waiter asks the chef to cook the food you want. When the food is ready, the waiter brings it to you. The supervisor acts as a liaison between the chef and the customer in this situation. The server receives a request (command) from the customer (customer), passes the request to the chef (server) and receives the prepared dish (response).

Rest: Rest represents Transfer state representation. Rest is an architectural style for building websites using the HTTP protocol. There are certain architectural constraints that developers must adhere to when building websites or APIs.

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