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Android App Development

Challenges in Android App Development

Some of the biggest challenges we face and try to address in our development process are:
Hardware features – Unlike iOS, Android apps are designed for a wide variety of devices. It works on a variety of devices and screen sizes.
API incompatibility – Many third-party APIs may not be compatible on different devices which makes interoperability a concern
Security – Since Android is an open-source platform, it is often targeted by hackers.

Top technologies used in Android apps

Some of the most popular technologies used in Android apps are:
Frameworks like Flutter which make cross-platform development much easier
Programming languages like Kotlin which is being considered as the future
Android Things 1.0 which will be used for developing IoT apps
Android AI assistant for apps that use artificial intelligence and machine learning

Enjoy the benefits of using Android

Creating apps that make a difference.We build apps which can deliver high performance and great user experience. Some of its main features that we have come to love are:

  • Efforts are made to design apps with self-intuitive navigation and interactive elements .
  • Modern user interfaces are created in accordance with your business requirements
  • A robust back-end system is developed to ensure smooth functioning of the app