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Internet Of Things (IoT)

Unravelling The Infinite Possibilities

The power of the Internet as estimated would link 50 billion objects by the year 2020. The Internet of Things (Iot) comprises a virtual network where each object is assigned and identified by a unique address (Technically called IP address) and has a wonderful ability to exchange and receive data across a network without any kind of communication between human-to-computer or human-to-human. The Internet of Things has the potential to transform the world, just like the internet did. IOT presents unrivalled businesses avenues and allows you to spread your business in absence of any boundaries. Further, it assists to link more clients to your business, and simplify the business operations.

What is the Internet of Things? It partially depends on whom you ask

Ideally we would define the Internet of Things – and also look at it – from the perspective of use cases, actual IoT deployments, the applications that are possible and the many ways that the combination of connected devices or connectivity and big data (analytics) – which in fact exist since quite some time – can be leveraged.

The Internet of Things is not the Internet

While many physical objects and sensors which we mention in a context of the Internet of Things use IP (or are IP-enabled as we would say in the Industrial Internet of Things), not all of them do so. The Internet of Things is not just one of things with IP addresses. It might sound a bit confusing and it’s one of the reasons why the Internet of Things is probably not the best name invented ever as we’ve tackled here. Another aspect which you often find in definitions in this regard is that of “unique identifiability” (of connected devices).